Register Now! Rare Opportunity to Participate in Ubaka Hill Workshop!

Mark your calendars: on September 11, from 2:30 - 5:30 pm (note time change) at the Fallen Alders Hall on Royston Road, Comox Valley rhythm and drum enthusiasts have an exciting and rare opportunity to participate in a unique workshop, facilitated by the amazing Ubaka Hill, who is coming all the way from New York via Vancouver to share her time and energy with us. Ubaka is a visionary: she is a performer, composer, songwriter, recording artist, motivational speaker, conference weaver, and teacher of hand drumming workshops whose soul-vision and intention is to facilitate and inspire personal transformation, empowerment, healing and joy with music that moves you. For more information on Ubaka, visit:  http://www.ubakahilldrumsong.com/ubaka_hill_bio.html
Ubaka's 3 hour workshop will be divided into two parts: 
The first section, "Drumsong: The Art and Spirit of Drumming", is a fun and empowering exploration of the art and spirit of drumming that fosters individual ability and authentic self-expression, offering you a  pathway to connect with the power of your own, personal inner rhythm.  You will learn complete drum songs rooted in various cultural and contemporary rhythmic styles and patterns and there will be a  focus on developing and improving playing techniques and rhythmic ability for community drumming circles. This is an exploration of the foundations of the universal language of drumming, rhythm and pulse, time and tone - you will experience the spirit of drumming and the unifying, energizing, and revitalizing effects of individual and group/ensemble playing, improvising, and singing.  
The second section, "Drumming: Beyond the Edge",  is an experiential journey that explores the impact and relationship of sound frequencies on our energetic states of well-being and growth. We will explore ways to integrate the drum, rattles, and other sounding forms for transformative healing. We will learn ways to raise, hold and direct sound frequencies to revitalize and inspire health and balance of one's whole being. 
Pre-registration for these workshops is absolutely necessary, and spaces will likely fill quickly. FMI and to hold your space, please contact Monica at drumdeva@gmail.com or 250.338.1444. The cost for this amazing opportunity is on a sliding scale of $40 - $80 - we would like this workshop to be accessible to as many people as possible and trust that you will donate what you can honestly afford. Following the workshop(s) there will also be an opportunity to share in a light potluck dinner in Ubaka's company.
This is a wonderful way to start our fall season of drumming - please register asap to hold your spot!


July 23 Tsolum Building/CRA drumming cancelled

Sorry to have to inform you that due to low registration the July 23 drum workshop through the CRA at the Tsolum Building has been cancelled. Everyone welcome to join in on the same day in the afternoon, starting at 1:30 pm, at the Lighthouse Community Hall in Qualicum Bay though...


Lettin' Loose Choir Reunites!

Friday, July 22nd from 6 - 8 pm at the Fanny Bay Hall, the Lettin' Loose choir reunites for a potluck feast and big sing! All former members and anyone else interested in raising their voice in song in a circle of wonderful, supportive and sometimes mischievous folk is welcome to join in on the merriment! Finger food only to share please, and bring your own utensils, plates, etc. By donation for hall rental.



Just a friendly reminder: On July 23 there will be drumming at the Lighthouse Community Hall in Qualicum Bay! An "everyone welcome" drum workshop (which will be fun for both the novice and the more experienced!) runs 1:30 - 3:00 pm, and is followed by a HealthRHYTHMS workshop from 3:15 - 4:15 pm. The cost is $25 for the drum workshops, $15 for HealthRHYTHMS or $35 for both. FMI: contact Monica at drumdeva@gmail.com or 250.338.1444
Keep scrolling down for more exciting news about upcoming drumming events, including the Ubaka Hill workshop in September!


Ubaka Hill to visit Comox Valley! - DATE CHANGE

EXCITING NEWS! Mark your calendars - on September 11th, the official beginning of the fall drumming season, Ubaka Hill, performer, composer, songwriter, recording artist, motivational speaker, conference weaver, teacher and facilitator of hand drumming workshops for more than 25 years, will be offering a 3 hour long workshop at the Fallen Alders Hall on Royston Road (3:00 - 6:00 pm). Ubaka's soul-vision and intention is to facilitate and inspire personal transformation, empowerment, healing and joy with music that moves you. For more information on Ubaka and the amazing things she does and has to offer, visit:  http://www.ubakahilldrumsong.com/ubaka_hill_bio.html
Following the workshop, participants are welcome to remain for a potluck feast and sharing with Ubaka! This is an opportunity to chat with Ubaka, to share your experience of the workshop, and to indulge in good food and great company. Please note, if you plan on staying for and contributing to the potluck, that Ubaka is vegetarian...
The cost for this workshop will be on a sliding scale $40 - $80 - pay what you can! We want this workshop to be accessible to as many as possible and appreciate your honesty in contributing! Pre-registration is absolutely necessary. At this point, the only option is to pay me (Monica) directly, cash or cheque - FMI please contact Monica at drumdeva@gmail.com. However, if you prefer to wait, there will be a paypal option posted on Ubaka's website soon.
And please visit this blog often for updates to this post - much more information on the workshop itself forthcoming!


Why drum?

Percussion instruments were the first musical tools people created for use in group music making. They comprise the largest family of instruments, and virtually every culture on earth has some form of drumming. People all over the world use drums to celebrate life, explore their creativity, and unite in rhythm. One of the best reasons to use drums is that they are accessible to people of all ages and abilities – the drum is a user-friendly instrument that everyone can play.
Other reasons why drumming has been important in cultures all over the world, from ancient times through to the present day, are:
-Drumming is inclusive; it creates a common ground for novices and experts, young and old, disabled and able-bodied.
-Drumming allows self-expression - it is a medium of non-verbal creativity.
-Drumming allows communication across cultures, ages, and abilities; it brings people together for an amazing experience in inspiration and connection.         

-Drumming releases stress; it is proven to relieve tension and enhance the immune system.

While drumming, we integrate body, mind and spirit and at the same time subconsciously release negative feelings and emotional blockages. Drumming helps alleviate stress that is created from hanging on to the past or worrying about the future. When one plays a drum, one is placed squarely in the here and now.
Our lives are full of rhythm and drumming helps us to experience being in resonance with the natural rhythms of life.  We can learn “to flow” with the rhythms of life by simply learning to feel the beat, pulse, or groove while drumming.