Benefits of Drumming

Rhythm is a universal language that bridges differences of culture, age, race, gender and ability. For centuries, drumming has been used to create community, expand creativity, and celebrate achievements.  Some of the known benefits of drum circles are:
  •   Releasing stress
  •     Invigorating mind and body
  •     Enhancing the body’s immune response
  •     Breaking down communication barriers
  •     Enhancing clarity & focus
  •    Building a spirit of camaraderie & cooperation
  •   Creating unity while celebrating diversity
  •    Celebrating the joy of life
  •     Reaching, stimulating and developing untapped creativity
  •     Developing better listening skills
  •     Bonding as a group
  •    Having a lot of fun
Drum circles bring many benefits to your workplace, school or community organization through highly interactive and skillfully facilitated rhythm events.
During a drum circle, everyone has the chance to learn to appreciate their role within the group, they discover new ways to interact with people they may never have met before, and they have fun jamming and creating new rhythms together! Rhythm-based events are fun for everyone - and are a proven way of improving health and well-being by providing a vehicle for self-expression and healing on many levels.
Drum circles have been great "hits" at schools, weekend retreats, kids at risk programs, corporate team-building events, health and wellness conferences, senior centres and community festivals! Rhythm events can be customized to meet the needs of just about any organization or community group.