“Monica, you are a great drum teacher. I recommend you to my drumming friends. Thank you for bringing drum lessons into our community.”

“A super way to wake up your brain. Monica is a great teacher and people in the group are very supportive. Lots of fun.”

“Monica – I love drumming with you. Couldn’t imagine life without it.”

“Drumming has opened up a whole new world! Great fun – love it. Love the way Monica teaches old adults new tricks!”

“Been drumming now for almost 3 years and it’s still hard to believe I’m really doing it! Monica’s a patient teacher and the reward of accomplishment feels great!”
 “After 50 some years, Monica has given-shown-taught music in my life. Thank you!”
 “Monica is a fantastic teacher – energetic, patient, inspiring and tireless in explaining tricky details.”

“ Drumming is such a delight for the soul. With Monica’s knowledge, verve and enthusiasm, every session is a celebration.”

" Sincerely recommend trying drumming with Monica and you do not need to bring a drum . Monica is a great teacher and drummer with  a collection of drums  and other percussion instruments that are an experience in of themselves to play. Excellent company too. Good balance of both lessons and jamming sessions. Individual attention when you get lost. Develops first your drumming concentration and then integrates it with an awareness of the other drummers' patterns.  Really gets you "out of yourself" in a most relaxing way. Like anything it takes a few sessions before it all starts to come together. 'Life is rhythm' so immersing yourself in the taught drum patterns and then your own creative freestyle can be meditative, relaxing and refreshing in many ways. Try it.  You will not regret it."       
"Monica's drumming classes opened up vast new experiences for me. As a woman in her seventies, I nervously joined her drumming group. Oh, so much fun! And marvellous energy! I would often arrive at the classes low in energy, but I came home full of vim and vigor. Monica has a wonderfully gentle manner of teaching; warm, patient, and encouraging. I wouldn't hesitate joining again!  Thanks for great times Monica."

"Here is a heartfelt THANK YOU for your wonderful gift of time, skill, and inspiration.  The drumming that you shared with the students gave them something that they couldn't gain any other way.  It was beautiful to see them totally absorbed in the rhythm of the drumming, with their hands, their minds, and their whole selves "in the groove".  Because many of our children deal with stress in their personal lives, and come to school every day burdened emotionally, I believe the time spent drumming was beneficial for them on a very deep level.  You have opened a new part of life to them and I thank you sincerely."
"The students in my class very much enjoyed the drumming workshops they had with Monica.  Because of her enthusiasm, expertise and approachable, cheerful demeanor, she quickly connected with my students.  Her lessons were active and fun, and presented an even playing field where students felt comfortable with taking risks and exploring their musical abilities.  The opportunity to make some noise and bang out a rhythm helped my students to release their pent up energy and be more focused in the classroom for lessons in mathematics and language arts.  I highly recommend this program to other intermediate classes."

"Monica is inspiring, energetic, and has an infectious love of drumming; her workshops are wonderful!"
Zoe Lambert, Coordinator, Beachcombers Education Society