Equinox Drum/Potluck/Fundraiser

Time for another attempt at a DRUM/POTLUCK! Equinox will soon be upon us - it seems Spring has already sprung! - so I am holding a Drum/Potluck/Fundraiser on Saturday, March 23 from 6 - 8 pm at the Royston Community Hall (at the lights in Royston). Bring the usual: a joyful spirit, a finger-food dish to share with approx 30 people, your own cutlery, dishes, etc and a donation towards this spring's cause: Free the Slaves (thank you Kathy T for planting this seed with me). Here is a link for you to follow so you can see what your donation will be going towards: https://www.freetheslaves.net/
At each of my fundraisers I try to not only gather funds for causes I believe in, but to plant seeds of awareness and encourage folks to explore further on their own what kinds of causes are worth supporting and fighting for. Sometimes it seems like so little, a drop in the bucket, but then I remind myself that every bit counts...even it you are not able to attend the March 23rd event, please check out the link above.
Hope to see many of you there!