You don't want to miss this one! A great opportunity to learn from a master djembefola and griot from a long line of storytellers!! (FMI on Koca and Sasha go to 

August 17th, Royston Hall, West African Drum and Dance with (my teacher and good friends) Kocassale Dioubate (Koca) and Sasha Belle

West African Doundoun Rhythms with Kocassale Dioubate (2:30 - 3:30 pm)
The doundouns, large bass drums played with sticks and accompanying bells, carry the base-line and are the foundation of many West African rhythms, and could be compared to the heartbeat in a living creature. Ground yourself, and get into these deep drum beats in this fun workshop. Learn the 3 different complimentary parts of the doundouns (the smallest and highest the kenkeni, the biggest and deepest the doundoun, and the leader of the pack the sangba) which together create a full 'doundoun' rhythm. No experience necessary! Accommodated to all different skill levels and open to people of all ages! Bring your own dun, or reserve a rental dun ($5) in advance. 

West African Djembe Drumming with Kocassale Dioubate (3:45 - 4:45 pm)
Learn and explore traditional West African rhythms with djembefola (master drummer) Kocassale Dioubate, born and raised in Guinea - also the birthplace of the djembe drum - in this fun and playful non-competetive workshop. Learn different polyrhythms and the different overlaying parts of which they consist, including accompaniments and lead, as well as work on your basic and soloing techniques. Connect with your inner rhythm, to rumble, rattle, and roll your day to day stresses away!! No experience necessary! Accommodated to all different skill levels and open to ages 14 and up! Bring your own drum, or reserve a rental djembe ($5) in advance. 

West African "Makuru": 'Dance of Celebration' with Sasha Belle (5:00 - 6:00 pm)
Let loose with this fun & energetic dance workshop, guaranteed to get you sweating and lift your spirits! Learn some basic movements and postures of Guinean dance, and take home a full choreographed sequence of movements particular to the joyful Makuru rhythm, a rhythm of celebration, and sometimes courtship, traditionally danced by young women in village ceremonies and African street parties. Now, in modern day Africa, although traditionally feminine, this rhythm is popular among both genders and thus dance choreographs are appropriate and fun for all. No experience necessary! Open to people of all genders and ages!
(NB: OK, OK - so I've been telling you all along that the Makuru is the men's dance part of the Yankadi/Makru…..apparently this may not always be the case! Sasha promises to explain how traditions vary from place to place!)

West African "Doundounba" : 'Dance of the Strong Men' with Kocassale Dioubate (6:15 - 7:15 pm)
Learn the basic movements and postures, as well as a short choreographed sequence of movements, of the style used to perform this West African dance, traditionally used in village ceremonies and now very popular in modern-day West-African street parties. Traditionally danced by men as a display of their physical strength, beauty, and capability, this particular dance incorporates many masculine postures and movements - however, in modern Guinea this is a favourite for many, and probably the most popular rhythm danced enthusiastically by both men and women, boys and girls! No experience necessary! Open to people of all genders and ages! 

COST: very reasonable!!!

$20 for one of Koca's workshops, $35 for any 2 of his workshops, or $45 for all 3. Sasha's dance workshop $15. Or all 4 workshops for $60!

All of this fun will be followed by a potluck dinner and possible jam! 

Koca often has drums to sell. If you are interested in an authentic West African made djembe, please let me know and you can also see them on their website; there are other instruments there as well. If you are interested in a particular drum, or style of drum, you can contact Koca and Sasha and they can arrange a further "pre-viewing" of the drum with more photos, etc. 
Also, please indicate if you are interested in having your current djembe tightened and checked out by Koca - TIME PERMITTING (and depending on how his hands are feeling at the end of the day), he may be able to do this for a fee

PRE-REGISTRATION and PAYMENT is absolutely necessary for this workshop.
Please contact me to secure your spot!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to hear and experience authentic West African style drumming and to have fun doing it! And be prepared with water bottles and towels if you're going to dance! WOW!
Hello Drummers and Rhythm Enthusiasts!

With a very successful, exciting and FUN drum camp behind us, we are ready to start thinking about more opportunities to drum over the summer while regular classes are not happening.

In August, three chances to pull out the drums and get into the groove!

August 10th, through Courtenay Recreation, a free taste of DRUMS ALIVE! and African Hand Drumming (for newbies). So if you've never tried out Drums Alive! before (combination of fitness class/dance and drumming - on huge balls with sticks!), this is your chance to get a taste. The drumming class is meant as an intro to hand drumming for folks who haven't taken classes with me before - so tell your friends and neighbours to come out and give it a try! The fun starts at 10 am - phone CRA @ 250 338 1000 FMI and to pre-register. Space limited.

August 10th, Royston Hall, 6 - 7 pm - Monica's Summer Drum Class, everyone welcome (but we will not be reviewing beginner material). Another opportunity to get into the groove; we will be working on putting 3 of our favourite rhythms together in a fun arrangement. Drop in, suggested $10 min.

August 17th, Royston Hall, West African Drum and Dance with (my teacher and good friends) Kocassale Dioubate (Koca) and Sasha Belle