Upcoming Drum Workshops with Robin Layne

Hello Drummers and Rhythm Enthusiasts!
Another opportunity to drum with the fabulous Robin Layne at the end of September! Pre-registration is absolutely necessary - please email Monica (drumdeva@gmail.com) for payment details and to hold your spot....
Here are the workshop details from Robin:
Rhythms for the Earth
Afro-Latin Drum Workshops
$25 for one workshop
$40 for both
5:00-7:30 pm Royston Community Hall September 29th 2013
 Join renowned percussionist Robin Layne for two workshops that celebrate the joy of drumming. Both of the rhythms you will learn are in 6/8, which is a circular rhythm and great for bringing you back to earth after the summer. In traditional cultures the world over, drumming, singing, and dancing are intertwined and are a part of daily life.  I have been drumming most of my life and have had the opportunity to study with some fantastic teachers all over the world.  I personally love to teach because there are few things more enjoyable than seeing a group of people who may or may not know each other, suddenly communicating through the universal language of music.  
Workshop 1: Bandogyeli – Rhythm from Guinea, inspired by Monkeys
Learn to play solo phrases and the djembe, doun-doun, and bells parts for this fun rhythm from Guinea.  Who doesn’t like Monkeys?  I learned this rhythm from Famoudou Konate and it’s got a great 6/8 groove in the folk tradition of the northern part of Guinea.
Workshop 2: Afro-Cuban Rumba
 Learn to play folkloric rumba patterns such as Columbia on the djembe, congas, and bells.  This is one of the most beautiful conga patterns of the Afro-Cuban tradition and we’ll translate it to the djembe and ensemble.  You will be encouraged to sing for this one, too, if you feel like it!
Thanks everybody!

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